Lyric: The Sixth Prophecy


The Sixth Prophecy x 2
Prophecy x 6
The Sixth Prophecy x 4

The Sixth Prophecy begins now!

Bring it on!

Ha ha hahaa!

Is this the legacy you want to leave for the next generation?
Poverty, violence, hate, greed, the unwillingness to understand one another...
If this is what I'm leaving behind, I'll take it all with me...

I don't care where you have been, I don't care where you're going to,
All I care about is that, You....Are...Here...

Standing in front, denying the suffering of the past,
I am here to teach you: The Sixth Prophecy!

Worshipped by many, feared by all!

The Sixth Prophecy
The Sixth Prophecy x 8
Prophecy x 6

The Sixth Prophecy

The Sixth Prophecy

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